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What is going on in Defi! We are not for cruelty against animals! Pepe is pissed! Pepe is for the ethical treatment of animals! 

Join $PETA today to stop the animal hate! 

About $PETA

$PETA is the token for the project, Pepe for the ethical treatment of animals! We will be a fully decentralized token on the ethereum blockchain with a 2% buy and sell tax. There will be 1 Billion $PETA Tokens - which some of the supply will be burned at launch! 

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$PETA will be the counter movement to the animal cruelty tokens!



Many memecoins are based off of cute animals like Dogs, Cats... and OF COURSE - FROGS! 

Why would these devs want harm to come to the animals that have pumped our bags for years! Join $PETA today!

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The Token

We are a team of based devs that have launched $PETA to be the counter movement to these animal cruelty tokens. We want to get Petas awareness and make a donation! 

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